Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 4 Results

As many of you know, my in-laws are British. My mother-in-law makes a traditional English dinner about once every other month and this past Sunday was the big day. This is something you can't pass up ... you just can't! You also can't take small portions. It's just not allowed! *cough cough*. If you can see the bottom of your plate through your food, then you don't have enough on your plate. It's basically Thanksgiving-size portions of food.

Many of you are probably wondering what an English dinner is. I'm sure every family does it slightly differently, but Brad's family has roast beef, mushy peas, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes (yes, two different kinds at once), Yorkshire pudding, carrots & turnips, and LOTS of gravy. Sue throws in some corn because we like it, but it's not traditional. MMmmmmmm

When you're trying to lose weight, these are typically the types of meals you should stay away from, and wisely so. I just can't. There is NO WAY I can pass up this scrumptious meal! Well, I paid for it. Not only did I pack on the calories, but I did it the night before my weigh-in. DUMB!! So, of course, I gained a pound. (I did check myself yesterday afternoon and I actually weighed less than I did that morning, but it doesn't count for this post). I said I was going to lay it all out for you, so I'm not going to lie. I knew I'd gain some weight at some point, but just didn't think it would be now.

I would like to report some good news, though. I have been doing the Wii EA Sports Active for 7 days now and I feel great! It's nice getting up and exercising first thing in the morning. It definitely gives me energy and I flat out feel better about myself. Now, for the results. Drum roll please.....

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 182.4
Body Fat: 46%
Water: 39.4%
BMI: 32.31 (Obese)


  1. Good job with the EA Sports Active! Don't worry about Sunday dinner. Like you said, it's once a month or so :) You will have great results next week. Love you!

  2. The gravy is the BEST part and then when you have finished your plate, mopping up the extra gravy with one last yorkshire pudding! :) You can't pass that up! Great job with the Wii Active. I love that "game" although I suck at rollerblading.

  3. you know I am so proud of you woman!! Keep going your enthusiasm sparked more inspiration in me to keep going, and get to my goals. Keep setting new physical goals and strive for them. Commit to recommit. Love ya girlie!