Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Until the day we moved out, our friends and family jokingly told us we need to get out of our house because for one reason or another we all thought it was making us sick or worsening our allergies. We noticed a huge difference when we removed the carpet in the main living areas, but we still had issues. (That is not the reason we sold it btw). Now that we've been out of our house for a couple of weeks, my sinuses have never been worse. There goes that theory... Honestly, I think it's just a coincidence due to timing as my parents' house is super clean. My mom does have a bazillion plants in her garden, but I doubt they would make me this miserable. I'm pretty sure there is something aweful in the air.  I have been streaming non-stop and coughing/breathing as if I had asthma. I remember getting this bad only once shortly after we got married. I went to my doctor at the time who tested me for asthma and the tests came back negative. I even went to a specialist because I swore he was wrong and they said I was completely fine. Ugh!

To remedy this, I have been doubling up on my allergy medicine (which is probably destroying my liver), taking 12-hour cough syrup every night, using my sinus spray, stuffing Kleenex up my nose at night, eating Skittles and lots of food (the chewing helps my sinus pressure), drinking lots of water, and making sure I have plenty of Kleenex at hand. My poor family and co-workers have to suffer through my suffering. I truly am sorry. I think I need to go back to my allergist, but all he can do is prescribe me a different nasal spray or something since I'm technically not allergic to anything. (I still think that can't be right, but 60+ pricks in my skin showed otherwise). I had sinus surgery last November to help alleviate sinus pressure and swelling. It really has helped and I've noticed a huge difference. However permanent nose corks sounds like a great invention. :)

Anyway, all of this to say that I didn't exercise at all. I can't breathe and I'm way too tired in the mornings to get up early. I actually set my alarm to get up early yesterday and cancelled it out because I woke up at 2:00 AM coughing and hacking up a lung. I'M SO TIRED!!!! I've also been stuffing my face with food, which hasn't helped my case either. However, to my surprise when I weighed myself yesterday, I didn't gain or lose a thing and all of my numbers stayed exactly the same! Woo hoo!!!

I'm hoping whatever is causing this mess will die off soon and I'll be able to get back to normal just in time for us to rip out carpet and knock down cabinets. I don't think I'll have any more sinus issues any time soon...........Ha!