Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 4: Stress Eating

Slowly but surely the pounds are coming off. This week I did a lot of stress eating with selling our house in one day and not being able to find another one - eek! I need to keep some carrots or snow peas or something healthy on hand to munch on instead of ice cream or cookies. I didn't exercise this week and need to get back to doing that. Once we start packing and moving, it will be different, but I was pretty stagnant this week.

To add to the stress, I may have Jury Duty today.... joy. It always seems to happen right something big happens. I've never been able to serve, though, and I want to for the experience. Two times now, I've been asked to serve right before we move. The first time, we were moving into a different county by the appearance date, so I wouldn't have been able to serve. This time I'm on stand-by, so I won't know until 11:00 if I'm serving or not. Then, when I was 9 months pregnant with Rhys I was asked to serve, so I asked to postpone my service. The following week I received a request to come in a week AFTER Rhys was due. HELLO! After my second request to reschedule, I didn't hear back from them until now.

Anyway.... we're praying we find a new home soon. The nicer apartments near us are booked, house rentals are more than a mortgage, and staying with family is very temporary. We know God is in control and has a perfect plan for us. I wish His clock was in synch with mine, but know His timing is perfect. :D

Week 4 Results:
Weight: 179.2 lbs
Body Fat: 44.1%
Water: 40.8%
BMI: 30.8 (Obese)

Difference from Week 3:
Weight: - 1 lbs
Body Fat: + 1.0%
Water: - 0.7 %
BMI: - 0.1

I'm not sure why my body fat and water complete flip flopped the last two weeks - my scale isn't 100% accurate either.

PS - totally random, but I LOVE CAKE WRECKS!! Great Post!

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