Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 11 Results

Ah! I keep forgetting to post my results. My weight is going in the right direction, but my body fat isn't - weird. I haven't been working out like I need to. As most of you have probably figured out, I failed my 30 day challenge. I made it half way then had to stop. It's amazing what ailments you forget you have when you're not active. I have bad tendonitis in my knees and, of course, when I'm not active, they don't bother me. Going from couch potato to doing lunges, squats, jumping lunges, etc. takes a toll on you. I think I need to start with something simpler. If that doesn't work, then a trip to the doctor to get a knee brace might be in order. I better do it soon before my deductible resets. :) Until next week...

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 178.6 lbs
Body Fat: 44.2%
Water: 40.7%
BMI: 31.63 (Obese)

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