Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hmmmmmm What Can I Do?

Growing up I was always active: I played soccer for 13 or 14 years, played different sports in school, was in marching band (not too athletic, but MAN you sweat a lot), etc. I was able to eat whatever I wanted and still maintained a decent figure. However, once I stopped playing sports, got married, then had kiddos, well.... let's just say I've looked better. Year after year I would tell myself I was going to take better care of myself, diet, exercise, etc. Sometimes it would last a few days, but usually never was more than the words that came out of my mouth.

For once, I am actually DOING IT! I am doing what I said I would do and I'm keeping to it. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not perfect. (The girls I had lunch with today can sure testify to that.) But I'm changing and not just dieting but making a lifestyle change. I'm committing to something and sticking with it! Slowly but surely, I'm getting back in shape and the pounds (even more slowly) are starting to come off.

Over the past few years, I've also felt compelled to do other things outside of myself, such as volunteer at a hospital or sponsor a child, etc. Again, it's never been more than a thought that quickly vanishes. Lately, I've been feeling very burdened to do something and I'm not exactly sure about what.

To backtrack a little, we have some friends that are leaving in a couple years to do missionary work in Ethiopia. When they first told us, I thought they were crazy - who in their right mind would leave America to go to a third world country? But mostly, how did they know that's what God wanted them to do? For probably the first time in my life, I understand how they knew. I think God is trying to show me the object of this burden I'm feeling and I'm trying to listen. I feel that He is showing me things little by little so that soon I will see the "big picture." Part of me thinks it has something to do with baking and children (but not baking children - ha!), but I'm not 100% certain. Please pray that I listen to what God is trying to tell me and that I allow Him to use me to His glory, even if it means going out of my comfort bubble. Until next time....


  1. Awe...Ashley you are an inspiration! Why? Because you are "seeking" God's kingdom. While you still don't know exactly what that will look like, you are walking in the right direction! Baking...and children. You and Elizabeth should start up a "baking basics or boot camp" for kids. ;)

    Keep up the great work towards change. I'll pray for you. You can pray for me too. I NEED to do the same thing and lose this weight, but I know there is a lot of "interior" work that goes along with I keep procrastinating.

    I love you girl!


  2. Boy, it really seems to me like God is moving in a lot of people's lives right now...starting to guide and direct people in unexpected ways. I may just be more aware of it now though. Keep seeking! I'll say a prayer for you about this.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Kim. :) Haha - Baking Boot Camp - that sounds fun! I'll keep you in my prayers. You'll know when you're ready, then when you are, you're going to do great! Love you!! :)

    Thanks for the prayers, Amber. God is good!

  4. Ash,
    I just love you and your funny self! I know what you mean about volunteering or just doing something to help out those in need. I have been saying I am going downtown to serve food for the homeless during Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past 5 years. Well it hasn't happened as you very well know because, I'm with you and the family having dinner in a cozy house. I feel guilty about it.

    So I guess I need to step up to the plate with you. If you come up with an idea and need me to help out let me know (kids are my favorite and I can cook too!!!!)

    Love you,

  5. Thanks, Nix! I will definitely let you know if/when I decide to do something. I actually found a website - bake sale for cancer. Maybe one year the whole fam can go downtown for Christmas/Thanksgiving and we can celebrate at home another day. Love you!

  6. Moving to a third world country is something that takes a devotion to God. How people hear people call them into ministry is like Samuel being called at night. His ministry started when he was pointed to listen to God. Just remember He will use the willing and unwilling in His service.